CND Shellac Gel Polish, Nail Art and IBX Repair and Strengthening

We specialise in caring, nurturing and enhancing natural beauty.

CND Shellac is the original and fully patented gel polish that goes over natural nails.

Hypoallergenic, cruelty free and “3-free” (contains no formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene) it delivers 14+ days wear, mirror shine, dries instantly and helps to protect nails.

We offer one of the largest collections of trend-setting shades in Manchester with over 100 colours available which means even if you change your colour every week it would still take over a year to try them all.

CND Shellac is the ONLY product on the market where no buffing or filing of the natural nail is required, therefore keeping the integrity of the natural nail means you shouldn’t incur any damage.

We also pride ourselves on the vast array of nail art options available with numerous glitters, powders, bespoke hand painted designs and even genuine SWAROVSKI crystals to turn up the sparkle. Available in a spectrum of colours the hardest task will be deciding what to choose.

To go a step further in ensuring our commitment to looking after natural nails we also offer IBX, a power partner to go with your CND Shellac.

IBX by Famous Names is a nail repair and strengthening treatment that can be performed prior to any manicure or pedicure. It helps to fix splitting, peeling and damaged nails.

The formula is heated with an infra-red lamp which helps penetration into the natural nail. Once done we then place nails into an LED lamp which causes a chemical reaction and sets inside the nail, so once it’s in there’s no coming out. Every session will help to build strength and protection for your natural nails.

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