Why we’re introducing a new colour revolution

We’ve probably seen and tried most colour techniques here at James Roberts Hair and Beauty, in fact we’re known as colour specialists and not to brag (too much) we’ve won a mantlepiece top of awards for it.

So that got James thinking and what he thought was, what will be the next generation balayage? (He doesn’t get out much).

So, if he’s seemed a little distracted or had his head in the clouds, now you know why and it’s all to do with the quest which began last year.

The salon canvassed hundreds of customers to get inside the psyche of today’s woman and what they truly want when it comes to colour perfection.

And then James and the team got to work, creating three James Roberts Colour Icons based on that research and spent months, literally months, perfecting a new holy hair trinity.

Exclusive to James Roberts, the icons take balayage to the next level and uniquely, the exact colour placement is used for each customer – customers just need to decide which icon they are.

It is based on colour contouring, designed to flatter the face and following the same rules as make-up contouring to give women their best hair day ever by highlighting key facial features.

You’ve probably seen us talking about them on social media and you’ll soon be seeing a whole load of media chat about it as well as a very special ambassador.

But in the meantime, all you need to know is what type of icon are you and feel free to talk to the team to find out!


Manchester Moss

As hair idols go, who is better than the legendary Mossy? Now given a Mancunian swagger, it’s the perfect James Roberts Colour Icon for the cool, classy women that this city is renowned for with illuminating tresses that flatter all ages. Effortless, chic and simply breath-taking.

Hollywood Hula

We all know these perfect women, with the rich glow of goddess-like hair. They may be no angels and back here on earth thanks to this James Roberts Colour Icon, every woman can now achieve big screen perfection.   

Moscow Gloss

Subtle shadowing with shades of light, create a gorgeous, polished vibrancy. Glossy, knowing and head-turning, this is the James Roberts Colour Icon for the woman who knows what she wants and goes for it.